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Hockey007 schrieb am 31.07.2003 um 23:55 Uhr

Yea i know this is english but this is my question.. What goes in the mysql table "tb_portal"? since i dont have an installed and my Thwb came with a portal, the forum is looking for a tb_portal table which is NOT made yet.. can anyone tell me how i can make it or what goes in it..after its made? lol

theDon schrieb am 31.07.2003 um 23:57 Uhr

Hockey007 schrieb am 01.08.2003 um 03:47 Uhr

k thanks a WHOLE lot

i still gots errors, look - what the heck is that? it cant read the scroll bar? lol

edit: lemme just tell you what i did..

First i went into phpmyadmin (lol) and went to my database, where i then clicked the SQL tab and typed:

CREATE TABLE tb_portal (
keyname varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
keyvalue mediumtext NOT NULL,
keytype enum('string','integer','boolean','array') NOT NULL default 'string',
keydescription varchar(80) NOT NULL default '',
keydetails varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
keygroupid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
keydisplayorder int(11) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
PRIMARY KEY (keyname)

then i cleared the box and typed:

CREATE TABLE tb_portalgroup (
keygroupid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
keygroupname varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
keygroupdisplayorder int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
PRIMARY KEY (keygroupid)

then i cleared it again and typed:

CREATE TABLE tb_portalrow (
portalid tinyint(4) NOT NULL auto_increment,
title varchar(80) default NULL,
portaltext text,
portalorder int(11) default NULL,
align tinyint(1) default NULL,
active tinyint(1) default NULL,
image varchar(120) default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (portalid)

then cleared it and typed:

CREATE TABLE tb_shoutbox (
postid int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
posttime int(11) unsigned default NULL,
posttext text NOT NULL,
postguestname varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
PRIMARY KEY (postid)

Then I did all of the INSERT commands it said, and it said they were all read and the data was inserted into the tables successfuly.. i still get the error, what the heck?

Scrratch schrieb am 28.05.2004 um 02:31 Uhr

you dont must clear - copy, paste and OK :)

Wrong Code in the PHP Files?

bdominik schrieb am 28.05.2004 um 23:00 Uhr

meinste nicht, dass du da ein bichen alte threads rausziehst, dass staubt ja richtig!

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