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Hagar schrieb am 15.12.2002 um 05:23 Uhr

Hello guys, I really like your forum (it's fast even on my server :D ) and I can't wait for the multilanguage support to come out. But I have a few small notes that may improve this great product.

The ranking system: The possibility to dissable this for admins/moderators or use a seperate ranking for them.

Email: Lot's of spam going around these days by mallicious sites but also because of websniffers etc. Perhaps the option to protect email adresses from being filtered out of the profile pages is by putting them in a simple libGD image. I've seen this feature before and you've got to start somewhere with all the spam going around ;)

Debug: I saw the debug option that displays the queries and the time it took to get them etc. Can you build a smaller version of it in wich (on a single line) it displays the number of queries and the time for them, the template parse time. That sort of stuff.
I like statistics but to have to work trough that enourmes list to see how long it took my server to build a page is a bit too much :P

btw why is the admin panel in english while the board itself is in german? I don't mind makes my life a lot easier but it's a little bit odd.

Anyway, good luck with the devwork and keep it clean and speedy. Then I'll be back for sure.

Jonas schrieb am 15.12.2002 um 12:18 Uhr

Hey, the speed is the biggest feature of thwb ;)
multilangual support will be implemented hopefully in the next version, we are discussing different methods at this time.

to disable rankings for admins you have to change line ~140 in showtopic.php:

    if( $config['enable_ranks'] && !$post['userisadmin'] )

disabling the normal rank for other users than admins would affect the speed due to the structure of the group system... it would be much more complicated =)

the debug parts are only visible to the admins of a board.
are you into php? maybe it would help to tell you, the most important functions you can find in ./inc/
the query-function (~line 430) and the template function at the beginning of the document.

the admin-panel is in english, because the board-dev (dp) was thinking of an international board-system, which the thwb will hopefully become with the next versions :D

hope you got the main points, cya


you can set the default value for userhiedeemail in your mysql-database to 1, all emails would be hidden then...

Hagar schrieb am 15.12.2002 um 16:23 Uhr

Thanks for your comments, I'll dive into it tonight.
Ranks are not that important for me so your fix will do just fine.

Jonas schrieb am 15.12.2002 um 16:44 Uhr

it's the same code i used for my board, you can look at it at, but don't wonder about the spamming there ;)

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